Getting started

The CdlUtils javascript library makes available a global "CdlUtils" object which provides utilities for parsing, rendering, and modifying CDL. CdlUtils is available as cdl-utils.js for development and minified as cdl-utils.min.js for production. There is also an optional additional library, CdlUtils-UI, which adds additional extras to help with rendering and animation.

CDL and the CdlUtils JavaScript library are free for you to start using under the Terms of Service. If you would like to use CDL or the CdlUtils JavaScript library in ways that go beyond those terms, please contact us at about further licensing possibilities.


First you'll need to download a copy of the CdlUtils JavaScript library. There is a minified version for production and a non-minified version for development below:


cdl-utils.js for development, 118KB
cdl-utils.min.js minified for production, 45KB

CdlUtils-UI extras

cdl-utils-ui.js for development, 49KB
cdl-utils-ui.min.js minified for production, 41KB

These files must be loaded via a script tag in HTML to make use of CdlUtils. The CdlUtils Javascript will make available a global variable called CdlUtils.

API access

You'll need to sign up for a developer account to make use of the CdlUtils Javascript library. If you haven't already, sign up below for developer access.

Developer sign up

Check out the next section on basic usage for more info on using CdlUtils to work with CDL.