CDL JavaScript

Bring beautiful Chinese character stroke animations, quizzes, and visualizations to your mobile app or website.

For developers. By Wenlin.


Stroke Animation

Easily animate character strokes for over 100,000 characters

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Stroke Order Quizzes

Try drawing the character 我 below with your mouse or finger

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Works Everywhere

CDL rendering works via a JavaScript library that outputs SVG so that CDL can be used to render characters on web, Android, iOS and anywhere that JavaScript and SVG run.

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Unlimited Characters

The CDL font database contains over 100,000 characters, and there is no limit on the number or complexity of Chinese characters that can be expressed using CDL.

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Full Developer Control

The CDL JavaScript library outputs pure SVG path strings so that you have complete control of every aspect of how CDL characters are used in your apps and websites.

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